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Building your new Dream Home

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

You have been dreaming about building your Dream Home since you can remember. Picture the look, the feel, the views, design, layout, comfort features, how it looks and smells. What does it have that you currently don't have in your existing home? What does it look like all decorated with your touch? What special little details would you include in the design? Your vision is yours! It’s not something you can find on the market and doesn't look like any other home. To truly see your dream home become a reality, nothing compares to building a custom home.

We at @Iron_Oak_Homes know that building a home from the ground up is challenging and can be scary to dive into the unknown. You have probably even heard of the horror stories and what can go wrong with complicated, unexpected circumstances. Those annoying things that usually don't show themselves until the inopportune moment. That’s why it’s important to know what to expect to keep things moving as smoothly as possible. Here are some things to consider if you’re embarking on a homebuilding journey.

Discuss your budget and what you are able to spend

The price of your new home varies on what customizations, finishes, and the cost per square foot varies on economic conditions with cost of goods, labor, and more. Make it easy and find the right plan that fits you and your budget and take the guess work and stress work out of it! We build the #customhome and make it move-in ready... you just have to show up with your moving truck.

Set a Realistic Budget you can afford

Many home builders should consider the most expensive parts of building a home and a few ways to save money are to go into the build with an open mind and discuss the floor plan, square footage, appliances, fixtures, and materials. We discuss it all up front and leave the guess work out of it.

Going into a New Build with already set expectations is so gratifying

It’s fun to list out every attribute you want in a new home and then worry about how it will all come to fruition, but reality sets in when you see the list on paper – and the prices. You may have to make a few changes and remove ares of friction and costs. Hardwood floors, granite countertops, smart home technology – there are some things you’re willing to make sacrifices for and others where you can find acceptable substitutes, especially if it’s something that can be more easily upgraded later.

With home blogs, social media accounts, Pinterest pages, and more throwing all of the house goals in your face, it can be tough to figure out what’s worth the investment and what’s mostly hype. It helps to have the right people in place who can tell you if you really need that gift wrapping room or five-car garage.

Be Flexible with the timeline

Obtaining permits, construction, inspections, and the often inevitable delays due to bad weather, supply shortages, and other unexpected issues can cause some stress and discontent. As you can imagine, the more custom the home, typically the longer it takes to build. So if time is a factor, consider a simpler floor plan. When it is an Iron Oak Home, the only goal is to help you acheive your vision.

Don't forget to walk the house with the builder before and after closing

New homes come with issues that need to be fixed or finished even after keys are in your hands. With a good builder, you’ll be doing a series of walk-throughs both before and after move-in. This is when you want a keen eye for detail and note every item that needs to be resolved, from paint touch-ups to door adjustments. You can even take a quick roll of blue painters tape from the local hardware store and put little pieces around the house where you need the builder to adjust or fix. That's part of the deal. They have your back on the largest investment of your life.

You made it: The Finish Line!

Now’s the time to move in, laugh and smile, celebrate the new journey ahead and relax. Your Dream home is done and you earned it!


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